Sunday, 21 July 2013

In reply to Jake Niall (The Age)

Dear Jake,

Thank you for your letter and thoughts on the Essendon-ASADA investigation.

You raise some good points although I don’t think anyone can predict the future especially with so many missing facts and elements yet to be revealed.

As an Essendon member it strikes me though that Fairfax Media in particular has spent an absurd amount of time trying to unravel Essendon and its people yet have spent so little time on external parties.

For example; the situation regarding the former Essendon sport scientist. Often the media paint the ‘scientist’ as an Essendon scapegoat.

However, I ask where is the media scrutiny on the supplement expenditure at Essendon? Why was the sport scientist allegedly sacked at Essendon?

Fairfax Media I assume are able to sniff the scent of the smoking gun in the ASADA investigation?

Unless of course Caroline Wilson can reveal through her sources that James Hird was in fact also secretly working with Cronulla and Manly in the NRL.

I am also surprised the media has not shown more than a modicum of interest in the organised crime elements of the ASADA investigation. Cynically, I say to myself perhaps James Hird sells more papers than the faceless men of the underworld.

It’s clear though that the ACC and ASADA have bigger fish to fry than a juicy golden fish finger like James Hird.

Essendon has stuffed up. The Ziggy report confirms this and Essendon members are rightfully disappointed that the club is in this situation. We will cop our whack as long as it is fair for the crime committed.

In the meantime, as delusional Essendon fans in a state of denial we will continue to support of our club and James Hird.  They need us more than ever.

I just ask, can the media lower their eyes and spot more than one target in the forward 50?

Yours Sincerely,

Darren Reid
Essendon member

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